Understand Your Core Motive

What’s Your Color?


Understand Your Core Motive

What’s Your Color?


Understanding your core motive through the Color Code may be the single most significant piece of self-awareness you will ever come to understand in your lifetime.

is Power

is Intimacy

is Peace

is Fun!

First off, what exactly is the Color Code?

I can give you a brief overview but first let me start by stating what it is not.  The Color Code is not a behavioral assessment like many other assessments.  It is the only personality assessment that is MOTIVE BASED.  It’s more about WHY you do what you do versus WHAT you do.  Motive is constant!  Behavior is tricky because it’s a moving target constantly changing.  For example, people act differently at home versus at work and people often act differently at church versus at a party.

What Drives You?

When was the last time you saw yourself for who you really are?  What makes you who you are?  Do you ever compare yourself and ask, why can’t I be like them?

We all have a driving core motive that speaks to us often about being true to ourselves.  Our driving core motive is like a voice hardwired in us that knows us and wants us to be successful.  We must choose to listen to or ignore who we are innately and what will make us most happy in life.

What’s Your Core Motive?

Breaking it down further, each one of us is born with a core motive that drives us. There are four colors that represent the four motives.  Yellow represents the motive of Fun.  White represents the motive of Peace.  Blue represents the motive of Intimacy.  Red represents the motive of Power.  All colors have natural needs and wants as well as strengths and limitations.  There isn’t a color that is better or worse than another. Your core motive knows what works for you and what messes you up.  When you are true to yourself and play to your strengths you will find that life makes more sense for you as well as those around you.

Understanding Why You Do What You Do

In order to improve your life and relationships, you need to understand yourself. Knowing the dynamics around your unique color enables you to choose certain behaviors, and teaches you how to leverage your unique personality to enhance the quality of your life.


Life is all about relationships; professionally, personally, and with self. There isn’t any area of your life that goes unaffected that is not impacted by relationships. The success of relationships, inevitably comes down to the dynamics of who we are and how we relate.

Relationships have been greatly enhanced bringing harmony to marriage as they understanding their partner’s motive.  With the understanding of a partner’s motive, comes the understanding of their natural needs and wants, strengths and limitations, which makes it not only easier to understand how to bring value to your partner but also eliminates many misunderstandings in the relationship.

Parents are finding it to be a valuable tool in understanding the uniqueness of each individual child, instilling in them confidence and self-worth in who they are individually versus who their siblings and peers are.  Not only are parents using Color Code as a tool in the upbringing of their children, they are also able to teach children at a young age not only how to embrace their color, but guide them in the direction of playing to the strengths of their individual color.

Sports teams are using it for team bonding, strengthening, and unity.

Businesses have found it as a beneficial tool in bringing about a more harmonious workplace amongst employees. Time management tips for each color provides greater efficiency within the workplace. Color Code has also served companies with valuable tools in not only serving customers but giving tips on how to leverage with clients for a more rewarding business transaction.

Learn how to play to your strengths so your life makes more sense to you and those around you.